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A Play Reading - American Clock
Date Friday, October 11, 2019, 6:30 PM - 9:30 PM

Arms Library and Footlights at the Falls of Shelburne Falls are holding four play readings in



  • Monday 1–7 pm
  • Wednesday 11 am–7 pm
  • Saturday 10 am–3 pm

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See a slideshow of photos from the Arms Library renovation

A Note from the Director

Laurie WheelerArms Library Director Laurie Wheeler
Photo by The Recorder/Paul Franz


It’s time to celebrate! Please join us on Sunday, May 19th 2-4 p.m. for our re-opening celebration. We’ll have a few words to thank folks, three different musical groups for all ages, refreshments, tours (if you would like and if you haven’t already been given one,) and some surprise art.

Spring brings change and everything is fresh and new. This year we can say the same of the Arms Library. The library spent the winter in a cozy little temporary library at Greenfield Cooperative Bank, and is now back home, in our light, airy “new” library. We are celebrating both the finishing of the renovation, and the people who have helped make the renovation happen, and the people who brought the roof renovation to fruition.

We’ve had a warm welcome back as our more of our patrons are returning after six months away during construction. (Although a good number of people made use of our temporary library.) The new children’s room has been well met by children and parents alike. We have had excited little ones bringing in siblings to show off their space; we have heard a lot of “oohs” and “awesomes”, and seen lots of smiles. Look for the very cool curved book shelf!

The new paint colors and lights that are contributing to the brightness and airiness of the space are also attracting attention in the upstairs of the library. We kept the historic nature and feel of the upstairs intact, and we neatened and cleaned the library from top to bottom upon our return. We were also careful about what we brought back in.

We were very lucky to have had a great architectural team, a super contractor, and highly skilled subcontractors. The project could have been stressful, but between having a sweet temporary home with the bank folks, and being able to work with Jones-Whitsett Architects, D.A. Sullivan Contractors, and the various painting, plaster, electrician, plumbing, heating, and cooling experts, the six months flew by.

We invite people to make even more use of the Arms Library. We now have a dedicated meeting and work room that is open to the community; already we have had two readings, a play rehearsal, and three children’s crafts sessions in the new meeting space. Mohawk Trail Concerts has held a concert upstairs.

Just a few things to look for on Sunday: new children’s and young adult areas in the Kirby Langford Room (check out the river of color running through them); air conditioning; updated heating system; repaired and painted walls and ceilings; new lights and wiring; colorful computer bars; and a new meeting room, in addition to and adjoining the Kirby Langford Room.

Arms Library, Shelburne Falls, MassachusettsThe Arms Library, housed in the historic Pratt Memorial Library Building, is located at 60 Bridge Street on the corner of Bridge and Main Streets.

We invite you to explore our website. There are links to order books, and become involved with the library, as well as library contact information, research and Facebook links, and much more.

Be well, and enjoy.

-Laurie Wheeler

See a slideshow of photos from the Arms Library renovation