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COVID-19 Hours

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COVID-19 Hours

  • Monday 10 am–5 pm
  • Wednesday 10 am–5 pm
  • Saturday 10 am–3 pm

COVID-19 Updates

Message from Shelburne Board of Health and Q&A from the Shelburne Emergency COVID Task Force, April 16, 2020

We now have our first cases of COVID-19, and we would like to have anyone that has been told by their Healthcare Provider that they have COVID-19 to call Lisa White, our public health nurse at 413-665-1400 for follow up. We think this information is an important part of County wide data collection and to inform our EMS of addresses that need full PPE protection.

A reminder to parents - please be aware of where your children are and that they use social distancing and masks for their health as well as yours.

Free masks will continue to be provided at the Town Hall and 218 Shelburne Center Road. Masks should be washed at regular intervals. They can be added to your regular wash.


Each person’s actions impact this pandemic.

Answers from the Covid-19 Task Force

Q: What is being done by our County Public Health Officials?

The Public Health Nursing Team with the Franklin Regional Council of Government’s Cooperative Pubic Health Services is hard at work reaching out to and supporting people with a COVID diagnosis and their contacts in the 18 towns they are covering in Franklin County. As of 4/13, in this 18-town area ,we have a total of 20 (18 lab-tested and 2 clinically diagnosed) COVID-19 cases.@12 people have recovered, 7 are still in isolation, and one has passed away.@16 people in the are under quarantine, and 20 people have been released from quarantine after showing no signs of illness for 14 days.

Q: Is it true that we can’t walk or use any Town property?

The Center for Disease Control recommends wearing cloth face coverings in public settings where other social distancing measures are difficult to maintain. A limited supply of cloth face coverings are available at the Town Hall. If you need one for a child, there are a limited number of those from a Board of Health member at 218 Shelburne Center Road.

Q: How many people in Shelburne have COVOD-19?

The posted state numbers reflect cases in the 01370 zip code, which crosses over the town boundary. The Town of Shelburne website shows our current count of 2 as of April 16.

Many people show no symptoms but are able to spread the virus, and that is not reflected in the numbers. Physicians and health officials are required to report to the Board of Health if a resident has either tested positive or if they have a clinical diagnosis of the virus. Personal information is not for public release but is used by public health officials to track where people may have contracted the virus and their contacts.

Q: I noticed that our police officers, EMTs and others were wearing masks when they visited my neighbor. Should I be concerned that they have COVID-19?

Our public safety personnel interact closely with others regularly. Our first responders will evaluate everyone as if they are contagious with COVID-19. They are taking what is known as “universal precautions.” So, the fact that they wear masks or gowns or gloves when at your neighbor’s house does not mean your neighbor is a carrier of the coronavirus.

Q: I’ve heard that there are a lot of scam artists preying on people during the pandemic. What should I know and do about this?

We’ve had reports that scam phone calls are coming in to people on their cell phones, land lines, as well as online. They pose as the Social Security Administration, IRS, Census, USCIS, or lottery and sweepstakes personnel to fool you into believing they are legitimate. DON’T GIVE THEM ANY INFORMATION! Talk with someone you trust before committing to anything. Watch for unauthorized charges on your credit card.

The local Shelburne Police Department is keeping track of scams; call them at 413-625-0304.

You can also call the AARP 877-908-3360 - or visit their website.

Please also report suspected scams to the Northwestern District Attorney’s Office at 413-774-3186.

Federal Trade Commission Consumer Information also lists possible ways a person could be scammed. You may sign up for free scam alerts from the FTC at: www.ftc.gov/scam

Q: If I think I have symptoms, should I call 9-1-1?

Not unless you are experiencing severe difficulty breathing or other life-threatening conditions. The first call should be to your primary care physician. Anyone that has been told by their Healthcare Provider that they have Covid-19 should call Lisa White, our public health nurse at 413-665-1400 for follow up.

Q: When will this end for us locally?

It is not clear at this time. We have been fortunate to avoid widespread illness and deaths thus far. The Town is following the recommendations of the state Department of Public Health and the national CDC to “flatten the curve”. What this means is that by slowing the spread of the virus it allows our local health care system time and capacity to treat those infected and avoid overloading the system.

Q: Some suggest this pandemic is a hoax and the government has totally overreacted. Do you agree?

The pandemic is clearly not a hoax based on the evidence of illness and death globally. Locally we feel that we have taken a conservative but measured approach to prevent the spread in our community. We appreciate the sacrifices of many in our community to limit their movement, self-quarantine, deal with layoffs, and, for some, close their businesses and lose income. If you speak with people in our community who have lost loved ones to COVID-19 we believe they will tell you it is a real disease and we should continue to take it seriously.