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  • Monday 1–7 pm
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Journeying With Your Archetypes: The Search for Deeper Meaning in Your Daily Life

Join in for a lively talk about the
personal journeys, symbols, and unique
themes and motifs that are essential to
our lives, loves, conflicts, and questions.

The event will be held in the lower level meeting room. Please use the lower level entrance. Pakring is available at the back of the building.

About the Author. . .

Daniel Cantor Yalowitz, Ed. D., is a trained developmental and intercultural
psychologist, educator, global citizen, and activist who has journeyed into and
through eighty-eight countries and six continents to date. Having enjoyed a long
and productive career as a college professor, senior administrator, special
education teacher and leader, Daniel now travels the world as a consultant and
trainer. He has lectured widely at the undergraduate and graduate levels for
more than three decades. He is an avid photographer, poet, and lover of cats
and water-based activities.

About This Book. . .

In Journeying with Your Archetypes, Daniel Cantor Yalowitz, Ed.D. takes
readers on a personal tour: a narrated and curated adventure and journey into
the land of C.G. Jung’s psychology, focusing on his conception of archetypes.
Intended for those unfamiliar with Jungian terminology and psychology, the lucid
writing in this book invites beginners as well as those with experience with Jung
to look deeply into the meaning beyond one’s daily activities in expanding one’s
understanding of themselves and the world. The book engages readers through
its wit and integration of films, literature, history, the arts, and story to illuminate
and clarify the book’s major points and themes.

Advance Praise for Journeying with Your Archetypes. . .
Through the time-honored image of a journey, Daniel Yalowitz invites readers to
a homecoming. As a guide, he is seasoned. As a thinker, he is both practical
and visionary. But it is as a wise friend that Daniel comes across most clearly,
reflecting a lifetime of experience. His work with archetypes is timely and
thoughtful, inviting readers to discover the possibilities of relating the mythic to
the everyday.
Michelle LeBron, J.D., Professor of Dispute Resolution, Peter A. Allard School of Law, University
of British Columbia, Canada
This is a wise, accessible, and beautifully written overview of the archetypal basis
of Jungian psychology. I especially appreciate the embrace of paradox, the
unknown, and questions as openings to it all. As someone who has known
Daniel Cantor Yalowitz for many years as a gifted professor of human
development, education, and psychology, I did not know this dimension of his
life, which is so close to my own. I was delighted to read Journeying with your
Archetypes and celebrate its contributions to our understanding of Psyche and
the creative imagination.
Shaun McNiff, Ph.D., Professor, Lesley University; Author, Imagination in Action; Trust the
Process; An Artist’s Guide to Letting Go; Art Heals; Art as Medicine.

Final Thoughts and Comments from the Author
I am delighted and excited to learn of the spread and the enthusiastic response
to this book! Please feel free to send in your own personal reviews, comments,
questions, and reactions to it: I commit to doing my utmost to offer a personal-
ized response within less than two weeks! The subject matter, content, and
themes as articulated in my book are of deep and heartfelt personal and
professional interest to me, and it gives me great pleasure to come to know and
understand what my reading audience is thinking about this book. I hope and
trust your experience(s) with it will hold great meaning and growth for you and
yours. . .and I’d love to know, no matter your reaction or response! And I thank
you heartily in advance for your consideration of Journeying